Love vs Lust

January 14, 2010

Last night went well My stomach was in knots all day and even when I got up there but after I was finished praying and got into the word all was fine. I haven’t gotten up before the people since I was about 5-6 months Pregnant. I forgot how nervous I got I remembered how I felt when the Spirit takes over how hot you get when that Holy Ghost Fire hit you how cold you get after its over. How high you get and how tired you are after you pour out but I don’t remember being that nervous before yes nervous but not like that!
Last night I spoke on the spirit garden vs the flesh garden what I came to in the end was Love VS Lust a lust seed can only grow a lust tree and produce lust fruit and a love seed can only produce a love tree and can only produce love Fruit. The seed of Lust is one planted by satan out of it can produce a curisous sprout of sexual immorality the devil feeds the sprout w/ ungodly media, activities, and relationships that agree w/ the devils lie that you don’t have a choice this is how God created you and its ok to be gay (its not being gay that condems you to hell if you believe in Jesus his blood covers the sin its not believing Christ can deliver you that makes you bed for believing in him is not just believe he is the savoir but that ALL that he says is truth believing that he’s the way the truth and the life if you stumble he’ll cover you but you have to get back up and trust him) from that curiosity grows wonderment and when you wonder your eyes begin to wander your looking at and listening to things you aint got no business like people of the same sex in a lustful manner. That wandering grows wonder to desire of the mind and you begin to think about them even dream about them growing desire of the mind to desire of the heart here you start to act on those desires growing lustful fruit out of the heart and you think your in love because it comes out of the heart but you can’t grow a love fruit from a lust seed. However in your spirit garden God has planted a seed of Love and


continue Love vs Lust

January 14, 2010

from this seed strouts a cruiosity about the love of God so you go to church and listen to what the bible says about the love of God and you invite Jesus in this grows curiousity to wonderment when you wonder you eyes wander now your seeking God you don’t wanna miss chruch because you gotta hear what thus sayith the Lord growing wonder to desire of the mind so you study to get and understanding which grows desire of the mind to desire of the heart then your in Love for real so u fallow God you live for him and you worshio him and from your heart grows that wonderful delious fruit of the spirit Love! and Now you can be Fruitful and Multiply spreading God’s image around the world through the fruit of LOVE.

January 13, 2010

I’m teaching Bible study tonight the Title of my lession is Who’s Garden are u growing? I am excited about what the spirit has show me and doing his will but I am also nervous. I shall not fear however for I know the Lord is with me! This thing is brewing in my belly I’ve been feeling nausea for that past few days but I know that’s just my spiritual alarm clock letting me know its almost time to give birth.

January 12, 2010

I’ve decided to make a commitment that is unlike me, one that I’ve never made before. But Bishop always say to get something you’ve never had you gotta do something you’ve never done. Those that know me know that I am fickle when it comes to my hair. I’m not as bad as I used to be then you’d never know what my hair would look like from day to day. Long short straight curly wig weave nautral red blond black or brown. For the past 6 year I’ve been wearing a low cut most of the time I’ve let it grow several time but it never last. This past time I let it grow while I was pregos w/ my son but a few months after he was born I cut it all off again. After that my Pastor told me to let it grow and not to cut in any more but I didn’t really take her seriously.
N dec. during a time when I was already feeling a spiritual shift taking place Pastor preached on Samson in doing so she spoke into my life like never before . I heard the Lord call me deliver and I began to weep. Lord not me I’m not strong enough. But I was remind I can do all things through h Christ who strenthes me. The Lord said “You are strong because I am strong I have put my power in you and I am with you. I will use you to deliver my children out of the bondage of homosexuality as I have delivered you! ” Now I already knew this was a issue that I would deal with in ministry even early on but God said this is the Filling of the pie the other stuff is just crust. So I surrender my will for his and said Yes Lord. In doing so this is an outward expression to an inward commitment to the journey that lays ahead no matter how hard it gets how tired I get I will not stop nor give up. No matter how napping and unmangiable my hair gets no matter how tired of it I get I will not cut nor relax my hair. So here’s my plan since it cold right now anyway I’ll keep it covered i’ll wear wigs hats and scaves till spring by then it should be long enough to bread and I’ll wear breads till I’m ready to lock it up